Leonard Rundvall born in Prince Albert Sask. Oct 3 1920; he lived on a farm at Mildred Sask.; his dad, Theodore sold the farm for $5.00 in October 1936 and moved his family to trail B.C. Leonard joined the Canadian Army, Royal Rifles Regiment in 1942 and took his training at Vernon B.C.. and at Nanaimo BC.


Old Leather Photo Album

Remember first seeing this in the bottom drawer of the blanket chest in Carragana. I keep it on the top shelf of my closet now. Many of the pictures that you see in this blog come from this album. The reason I did this blog is to put down in writing for our and my siblings grandkids for the future, they're too young for it now, but sometime!

Training 1942 at Vernon B.C.

Ed Picard, Len Rundvall & Keith McKie; The Three Musketeers together from the first day in the Army.

Notice the Tar paper huts.


BSA Bike / Carriers


Cap Badge

Black Watch Tartan


Order of Command

21st Army Group

2nd Canadian Infantry Division

5th Infrantry Brigade

(Formation sign used to identify vehicles of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division)

Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada

Oldest Canadian Regiment

Sister Regiment- Calgary Highland Regiment

B (Beer or Baker) Company

Number 3 Mortar Platoon